Team Building Is

Our Family Mantra



The Youth Aiding Humanity team is made up of a professional, well experienced  staff that are invested in its success and all of its activities. Our Y.A.H. family sees to it that our common resources are used to support each program's effective development, operation and expansion. Each of our devoted team members have proven time and time again to be of sincere service, demonstrating our core values and commitment to the Y.A.H. vision. Under the strong direction of our current President, Amonica (Eden) Ferrell, Y.A.H has been reordered and refreshed to not only meet the needs of our targeted demographic but also expand its programs internationally.   

We understand that organizations of today face many operational and business challenges and must be adaptable. New and growing organizations must anticipate and respond to external forces, including competitors, financial options, ever-evolving media trends and regulatory bodies. At the same time, they must effectively manage huge influxes of data, across multiple touch-points while maintaining a closeness with the people they serve. Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. has developed an experienced team of experts offering variety of solutions and professional presence. Our team provides our communities with over 100 years of collective experience in education, leadership and community development.

P. Bolds

P. Bolds

Vice President/

Chief Operation Officer

"If you want to lift yourself up,

lift up someone else."

– Booker T. Washington

Amonica Ferrell

Amonica Ferrell is a successful business woman, author, community leader and is considered a true visionary in interpersonal development. Amonica has always been concerned about the health and welfare of her community. In 2011, she started a career in nursing but for her that was simply not enough. By delving deeper into her calling, in 2016 she embarked on a life journey by building a business that focused on addressing the social and emotional needs of young women.


With a bachelor's in psychology and a certificate in relationship coaching, she has been recognized as a dynamic innovator in women's empowerment and personal transformation. Ms. Ferrell remains at the forefront of the fight, educating and inspiring young women to be more health-conscious and to strive for excellence. Amonica Ferrell brings to the Y.A.H. family over two decades of work experience in community service, non-profit building and organizational management. She has a proven track record of success - a 20 year history of effectively functioning within the administration of various organizations, serving both adults and children.

P. Bolds
Vice President/Operations

Mr. Bolds is the founder and Chief Operations Officer for Youth Aiding Humanity. He has built an international network dedicated to the service of building a better world.  Mr. Bolds has twenty five years of community development experience and has served within countless institutions aimed at providing many life-essential resources to those in need. Mr. Bolds has spent significant time traveling throughout Africa galvanizing like-minded men and women in the pursuit of effective social-economic and cultural development. He has been an instrumental social, political and financial figure in the building of redemptive institutions in the U.S. Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Israel. Mr. Bolds passionately lends his skills and talents to the Youth Aiding Humanity vision, pursuing a dream to create sustainable environments where the youth of today may thrive, and, have what they need to build a better world for tomorrow.

Maggie Malloy
Chief Financial Officer &
Administrative Director

Ms. Malloy has over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector. In addition to serving her community through her work with Youth Aiding Humanity Inc., she has experience managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of grants from corporations and individual donors. Furthermore, provides advanced level financial management services for grants through the award life cycle, oversees the budget creation process, the internal processes for proper documentation of program expenses, and is the lead on donor compliance and reporting.

For the past decade, Maggie has worked in communications and program support, holding roles with ACDI/VOCA, International Organization for Migration, and USAID. Ms. Malloy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics and Justice Studies from the Honors College at Claflin University and a Master of Arts degree in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy from United States International University – Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her professional contributions to our organizational development and financial infrastructure is greatly appreciated and useful.

Ahneeahm Ben Khazriel
Executive Program Director

A.B Khazriel, who is also known as Javon Turner, oversees educational program development, staff training, and international networking for Youth Aiding Humanity Inc.  Over the years, his passion for youth empowerment has led him to teach and deliver workshops at Clark Atlanta University, Georgia State University, Washington High School, the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, YMCA, and numerous other community-based platforms. He also provides private business consulting, leadership training, and educational services through his New World Consulting Agency.  

Mr. Khazriel has received his Bachelor's degree in Divine Diplomacy and Statesmanship from the Institute for Regenerative Truth and is a proud member of the Boys and Men of Color (BMOC) Executive Director Collaboration Circle. He is a certified Global Peace Scholar who represented Youth Aiding Humanity at the Inter-Generational Dialogues launched by the African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD) during the United Nations 75th Anniversary. He is passionate about the process of developing a new generation of critical thinking and effective young leaders that can help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals and African Union Agenda 2063.  


Zarakyah Ahmadiel
Program  Director -  Peace Diet

Zarakyah Ahmadiel is the Founder and Program Director of The Peace Diet, a comprehensive bio-social, mind-body support program designed to support those impacted by Complex and Chronic Trauma. Zarakyah is an experienced and well-respected orator, organizer, advisor, and activist.  He is also a former Senior Counselor for the Youth Guidance’s Becoming a Man (B.A.M.) Program. Troy has worked with trauma impacted youth for nearly a decade on Chicago’s South and West Side, offering trauma informed therapeutic and restorative justice services.

Zarakyah studied at Howard University, Ben Gurion University and Roosevelt University, where he received with a BPS in Sustainability, completing his thesis in “Meat Consumption and its Impact on the Global Environment”.  He is also an advisory board member of Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living, as well as an apprentice farmer in their Rotating Apprentice Farming Program based in Pembroke, IL.

Brian Gaither 
Program Director  - Legal Awareness Workshop

Brian Gaither is the founder and principal attorney of Gaither Law, LLC.  He is a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in Journalism, a graduate of the University of Arkansas School of Law and a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. As an Atlanta native, Brian has a special connection with the community, and prides himself with the service he provides assisting people in their times of need.


Mr. Gaither started his legal career as a Public Defender with the Office of the Public Defender, Atlanta Judicial Circuit. There, he zealously represented indigent clients who could not afford private legal representation. Brian protected the rights of thousands of people, and later to worked as a prosecutor in both DeKalb and Fulton counties. Serving as the Community Prosecutor in the Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office, Brian developed a reputation as a champion for the people in and outside of the courtroom.

Kenta Joseph 
Communications & Media Director

With a Bachelors in Public Relations and a Masters degree in Journalism/media Kenta is a vital member of the Youth Aiding Humanity team. Kenta's rich experience is has served as the public relations coordinator for and representative for several marketing firms. As CEO of the Rahm Group LLC she has created and managed a global professional network.

Zavdiel Yadiel 
Program Director  -  Kinder Gardens Academy 

As director of the Youth Aiding Humanity's Kinder Gardens Academy Zavdiel was born to two passionate educators, Zavdiel is a self proclaimed naturalist, raw vegan chef, author and educator. Zavdiel attended N.C. A&T S.U. on an Air Force ROTC scholarship, and is certified youth mental health specialist with First Aid USA. Mr. Yadiel is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and is chief designer and owner of Shivat Tzion “Return To Excellence” handmade jewelry collection. Zavdiel is also a world traveler, studying agriculture in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Israel. Mr. Yadiel is also a graduate of Habesha Inc. (Helping Africa By Establishing Schools at Home and Abroad) agricultural training program. 

Folajimi Oluwaseun Fadahunsi 
Program Director  - Kinder Gardens Academy 

Folajimi ‘Ras Yudah’ Fadahunsi is the assistant program director and lead agriculturalists for our Kinder Gardens Academy program. Born in Lagos Nigeria, Ras Yudah enjoys fitness, cooking, gardening, studying and has a background is in Kinesiology. While in undergrad, he discovered a love for agricultural sciences and nutrition.  


Ras Yudah holds two Bachelor degrees and a Masters in metaphysical sciences. Ras is a firm believer in Holistic Health, sharing his expertise as an author, personal trainer, certified caregiver and professional life-coach. Ras' contributions to Youth Aiding Humanity is invaluable as he demonstrates daily the love he has for nature and its relationship to wellness and healthcare. Ras Yudah continues to serve, strengthening the local underserved youth's agricultural economy and building vibrant rural communities through gardening.

Elijah Bolds 
Program Director  - Life's Gambit Chess Club 

Elijah Bolds is the founding director of the Life’s Gambit Chess Club with Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. Taught by his father he began playing chess at age 5 and was inspired to continue learning and mastering the game. Elijah studied under a number of different teachers who showed him the principles and strategies required to succeed on and off the board. Mr. Bolds is the participant and champion of a number of local and national tournaments, eventually securing a first place victory at Tallahassee Chess Club in 2012 at 11 years old! He also won a grueling competition to become captain of the chess team at Coconut Creek High School after defeating his brilliant instructor, Dr. Otto. Life’s Gambit is a platform created to inspire inner-city youth to acquire the critical thinking skills and life lessons that chess has to offer.


After working with the wonderful staff at Youth Aiding Humanity Inc to develop the official program structure and curriculum, I look forward to developing our first national pilot program at a local community center before expanding its influence around the world.                

Ayanna Beyah 
Administrative Assistant / Kinder Gardens  

Ayanna Beyah has a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Georgia Southern University and has over five years of corporate event planning and administrative experience. Ayanna Beyah is a proven events curator skilled in bringing a concept to fruition through practical application and relationship building. In managing various major corporate events, she’s been able to execute time-sensitive deliverables, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and communicating with internal and external teams efficiently. Ayanna has had the opportunity to host an array of successful events such as panel discussions, galas, networking events, business meetings, award shows, and more. Recognized for her attention to detail, organization skills, leadership, and tenacity. Ms. Beyah has work for companies such as Google, BMW, PwC, and The Gathering Spot and has hosted profile clients such as Delta, Spotify, JPMorgan, and others. values. 

Kids Playing Tug of War

"No one can whistle a symphony.
It takes a whole orchestra to play it."
– H.E. Luccock

Board Of Directors

Hillard Goldsmith III is the CEO of J.P. Goldsmith tax preparation and accounting services with clients across the U.S. He is a certified and an enrolled agent, financial consultant and tax advisor who is a federally authorized tax practitioner empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Mr. Goldsmith brings over 20 years of established experience to our team. Being very active in his community, Hillard is very passionate about teaching financial literacy and fiscal management. Mr. Goldsmith lends his professional skill-set and accounting expertise to our team.


Monet Travis is an active and respected member of the community. She is a successful business owner and contributor of many grass-roots initiatives.  As the owner of Legacy Early Learning Academy in Tallahassee FL she has, as the primary educator, established an institution that has become a pillar of hope and beacon of light for the Youth of Tallahassee. Ms. Travis has contributed to many international projects and has spent time in Kenya. With over ten years of experience as an educator she lends a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Youth Aiding Humanity and its programs.  

Monet Travis
Board Member
Antoine Dumas
Board Member

Carla Joseph is a board-certified advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) and entrepreneur. She currently works at the Broward County Nancy J. Cotterman Center where she completes forensic examinations on physically or sexually abused children and adults who are sexually assaulted. She is the co-founder of Vital Hydration and Wellness, a concierge vitamin therapy company; and the sole founder of Zula Essentials. With over 10 years of experience in her field, she has served in many various departments such as medical-surgical, oncology, hospice and intermediate care. Mrs. Joseph graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2009. She then obtained a Master of Science in Nursing degree from Barry University in 2014.

Carla Joseph
Board Member

Attorney Antoine Dumas, Esq. is a business and entertainment lawyer whose law firm consists of these and several other practice areas. As a serial entrepreneur and small business consultant, Antoine has all the tools to ensure his clients’ protection and prosperity. While in Law School, Attorney Dumas made a living, in part, by serving as an Efficiency Expert and Turnaround Specialist. His biggest strengths include maximizing a company’s earning potential by identifying his clients’ industry specific winning edge and eliminating their institutional worst practices. Additionally, Attorney Dumas has created a proprietary system of coaching known as “Dr. Turnkey” by which he teaches clients how to build a system dependent/owner independent business and secure the freedom they desired when they first decided to become an entrepreneur.

Special Advisors
Edem Adzogenu
Senior Advisor
Dr. George Fraiser
Senior Advisor