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Collaboration with partner agencies is critical to the success of Youth Aiding Humanity. We partner annually with countless organizations, counseling services, government agencies, and schools to recruit program participants and promote productive, healthy lifestyles for lively and engaged youth. Partnering with these various institutions allows Y.A.H. the opportunity to take full advantage of shared resources to affect the lives of our participants daily. There are many wonderful volunteer opportunities with Y.A.H. In fact, there are over 100 volunteer positions open with us each year! We have opportunities for volunteers in our youth programs, special events, as well as volunteer positions for mentoring and administrative support.


The countless parents and students that volunteer to help us are an invaluable source of strength for our organization.  Our programs would not be as great as they are without these wonderful people! Youth Aiding Humanity has so much to offer the communities we serve and, no one understands this more than those that extend themselves to our cause. From financial support and being present for events, to chaperoning and mentoring, we greatly appreciate all the love and assistance our community selflessly gives to our youth. Coming to provide this kind of love shows our youth that someone really cares!

Parent & Student Volunteers

Corporate Sponsors

Many companies see the value in giving back! The businesses that show care for the community often becomes intricately involved in its progressive social development. They show up for the people who live within their neighborhood and/or city. They understand the need to reinvest in the community, the better the state of the people, the more they build and patronize the institutions vital to the successful expansion of the community.  It is a synergistic cycle of growth and development. When the people in a given community suffer, they spend less, thereby affecting all business in the area. Growth then slows down poverty spreads and progress wanes. We honor all those businesses that assist with our programs and continue to invest in our communities.


Here are but a few companies we'd like to mention as great sponsors of Y.A.H. 

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Heart & Hands

We Share More Than Ideas,

We Share Life!

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