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Faith plants the seed,
love makes it grow



Restoration Partnership


Youth Aiding Humanity is proud to announce its international partnership with a visionary social enterprise named Restoration Village Farms (RVF) in Ghana, West Africa.  RVF specializes in the development of organic agricultural systems which enhance the economic and ecological well-being of African communities. In 2019, they launched an incredible Agro-Forestry Project that has led to the planting of 2,500 trees in Sogakope as part of their effort ecological balance and increase access to fresh, local organic foods in the area 

They developed the Jr Agri-Eco Engineers Organic Gardens Program in order to provide critical skills development in this industry among young people aged 7-18. Their students learn how to design and develop community organic gardens via intensive hands-on training and experiential learning in all phases of the value chain from farm to table.

Over the years, our Y.A.H staff has collaborated with them on a variety of international projects in Ghana, Kenya, Israel and the United States. We are now working together to roll-out an exciting new cultural exchange program between our student members in Africa and the diaspora.


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