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Policies are many, principals are few;

Policies may change; principals never do. - John Maxwell

FAQs & Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mission of Youth Aiding Humanity Inc.?

Our mission is to foster a well-ordered, disciplined and inspiring environment where young minds can develop and create. By hosting some of the greatest minds in four areas of development (Health, Culture, Leadership and Entrepreneurship), our organization sets out to properly equip its young members with the tools needed to becoming new world leaders and builders of vital institutions needed to fashion a better world. It is our goal to successfully train and prepare 1000 young men and women annually through our core programs.

When and where was Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. started?

Our organization was established in New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2001 by a small but dedicated group of young community members and progressively grew over the decades into an organization with international reach and redemptive impact.

Where is Youth Aiding Humanity headquartered?

Youth Aiding Humanity is Headquartered in Tallahassee Florida.

What are Y.A.H.'s Programs?

Our 2021 programs include:

  • Edenic Woman Program in Coconut Creek, Florida

  • Kinder Gardens Academy located College Park, Georgia

  • The Peace Diet in Chicago, Illinois

  • African Edenic Heritage Museum in Atlanta, Georgia

  • National Online Life's Gambit Chess Club

  • New Leaders Pen Pal Program

  • Food for Families Program

  • National Seasonal Speaker Series

Is Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. a tax exempt, non-profit organization?

Youth Aiding Humanity is a tax exempt non-profit organization.

Can I speak with a Youth Aiding Humanity Representative?

Yes, there are many ways to reach one of our helpful and attentive representatives. You can call us anytime at 1.833.WITHYAH or send us an email at You can also visit our Contact Page and leave us a message.

How many Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. Chapters are there? Where are they?

Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. currently has four Chapters: Tallahassee, Atlanta, Chicago, and Coconut Creek. We are in process of establishing additional Chapters in Ghana, South Africa and Zambia.

How can I help Y.A.H. accomplish its goals?

There are many ways you can help. The most impactful gift is you! We are always looking for talented people to contribute their time and skills to our programs in any way they can. Supporters can visit us on Facebook or Instagram and share our social media stories to spread the word about our great work. There are many materials we need annually; paper, pens, give-a-ways, supplies and technological tools for our students. 

How can I contribute financially to Youth Aiding Humanity Inc.?

We, as a non-profit 501c3 organization, accepts financial contributions of any amount. The resources we receive fuel our wonderful student programs. Every donation counts, goes a long way and is greatly appreciated. Visit our Giving page become a contributing member today!

What are the types of Y.A.H. Membership and how can I become a Member?

Student Members

Student members are students that sign up and are accepted to participate in our seasonal and Chapter specific programs. Students are responsible for monthly dues of $20.00 and maintain the minimum requirements as members. Student Members are eligible for internships, special

rewards, scholarships, networking and travel opportunities.

Supporting Members

Our faithful Supporting Members are the foundational backbone of our organization. They provide the community-base financial support needed to operate our programs. By gifting, based on one of four levels of membership, our supporting members have a direct impact and effect on the student members in a very real way. Besides the inherent benefit and natural satisfaction of giving and helping others, these powerful supporters are eligible for many types of thank you gifts. Our contributors are also listed on our website thank you board, and, are constantly embraced as a valuable Youth Aiding Humanity team member. 

You can sign up to become a member today by visit our membership page and sign up today!

Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them

- John Maxwell

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