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Here at Youth Aiding Humanity Inc., we take a very proactive and solution-oriented approach to tackling the problems affecting our world. Each of our programs are designed to address trans-generational issues which have been plaguing us as individuals, families and communities. The young leaders who matriculate through our programs are being prepared to become key contributors in building a better world and creating a brighter future.

Some of our key programs and initiatives include:

      - Kinder Gardens Academy, which currently provides training in organic agriculture, 

       nutrition and social entrepreneurship for community and student members. 

      - The African/Edenic Heritage Museum, an international, free-standing and multimedia

        platform for cultural enrichment and education. The museum provides a unique 

        historical perspective which has proven to be highly engaging ​and impactful for a                    diverse array of students around the world

     - Our Peace Diet program offers a holistic new approach to helping young people - 

       overcome the effects of trauma through mindfulness training, group counseling, and               a focus on dietary discipline and usage of neuro-nutritional food supplements.

     - We are proud of our Edenic Woman Rites of Passage program which creates a

        valuable opportunity for value oriented life-coaching and mentorship for young girls

        during the difficult and critical transition into womanhood.

   - ​Life's Gambit is a virtual chess training program which teaches young people the game

       of chess and how its principles can be utilized and applied within their everyday lives.

Throughout the course of our 2020-21 season, we shall remain systematically adaptable. We will be rolling out a modified version of each of each program, and other initiatives, in light of the circumstances surrounding restrictions and COVID-19 requirements. Click the banners below for more insight into the great work we do and service we provide to our community.

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Starts March Mar 20th 2021

Duration 92 days


Starts June 20th 2021

Duration 93 Days


Starts September 22th 2021

Duration 89 Days


Starts Dec 21st 2021

Duration 88 days

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