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Student Members

Youth Aiding Humanity's structure for effective participation in our programs entail function through our memberships. All students that participate in our programs must first enroll as student members, with rights, privileges and responsibilities to fulfill. Each member must maintain their membership by upholding the prescribed standards, principals and properly reflect the values of the organization.   

Student Programs

All of our programs are geared towards our students' personal development. Each student member is asked to invest in their own progress by being responsible for a small membership fee of $25.00 a month. Student membership dues goes towards their program materials. Sponsorships are available through our supporting members and corporate sponsors.

*Student Members are members between ages 14-18 unless stated otherwise

Supporting Members

Our faithful Supporting Members are the foundational backbone of our organization. They provide the community-base financial support needed to operate our programs. By gifting, based on one of four levels of membership, our supporting members have a direct impact and effect on the student members in a very real way. Besides the inherent benefit and natural satisfaction of giving and helping others, these powerful supporters are eligible for many types of thank you gifts. Our contributors are also listed on our website thank you board, and, are constantly embraced as a valuable Youth Aiding Humanity team member. The support you offer to our programs yields priceless returns in many forms, and, are the most significant in the continuation of our beloved programs. 

Silver Sponsor

All of the supporters of Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. are great, and are greatly appreciated! Silver Sponsors are very special to us, they make the contribution that says they care about the community. For a just small, but significant donation of $10.00 a month, you can sign up to be a Silver Sponsor! With an annual contribution of just $120.00, you will be considered a vital pillar of our organization. Make no mistake your contribution will go a long way!

Golden Giver

Live your life like its Golden and support Y.A.H.! We greatly appreciate all that our Golden Givers do to assist with our work. Our organization would not be able to offer our services with put these great contributions. Golden Givers pledge $20.00 a month, that's a $240.00 gift which covers the cost of  one student member's annual fee. We provide many scholarships because of contributions like these. For your gift, you'll receive a beautiful Youth Aiding Humanity Golden Giver 2021 T-Shirt. Just our way of saying thank you to all with a heart of gold!

Guardian of The Promise

Today's youth are tomorrows promise. They are the keepers of our legacy and the carriers of our vision. Children must be nurture, guided and protected as they grow and blossom into great stewards of this planet. We have an obligation to provide such guidance and protection, we must safe-guard their path and feed them with wisdom and love. Through our programs these sacred seeds are fed truth and given the keys to building a better world. For a monthly contribution of only $50.00 you become a guardian of these sacred seeds and the promise of tomorrow.


Humanitarians not only provide resources to continue with local or national projects but also contribute to our international endeavors as well. From restoration village development and providing safe drinking water to villagers in Africa, to building educational infrastructure and social engagement, our Humanitarian contributors are responsible for our international reach. For a $100.00 monthly contribution you can make a difference in the lives of hundreds young people. As a humanitarian, you will have your name ringed on a growing tree in Ghana as an eternal reminder of your support. We are so inspired by all that take the sustained growth of our youth to heart. Thank You to all that make these great contributions.   




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For only $10.00 a month 

contribution, $120 a year, you can make a difference in the life of a student member.   

For a $20.00 monthly contribution, just $240 a year, you can support

several student members in a

significant way! 

A $50.00 monthly membership will greatly support several student members. This is a  $600.00  annual financial commitment.

For a $1,200.00 yearly pledge, only a $100.00 monthly contribution, you can make a difference in the lives of hundreds young people.   

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“The greatest legacy one can pass on to
one's children is not material things,
but rather a legacy of character and faith.”
- Billy Graham

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