If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine,

plant a garden. – Robert Brault

Kinder Gardens Academy is a visionary new institution designed to proactively address many issues which are plaguing underprivileged communities at home and abroad. Here at the Kinder Gardens Academy, we provide our student members with comprehensive, hands-on training in urban organic agriculture, preventive healthcare, sustainability and entrepreneurship.  Every aspect of the experience we offer is designed to be of service to the participants. The classes equip students with valuable skills and experiences which can be used to sustain their lives and create a more prosperous future. 

Kinder Gardens Academy fosters a communal, nurturing and holistically supportive environment that provides many social and emotional benefits. Our outdoor training centers bring fresh air, sunshine and physical activity back into the picture in an age when young people spend unhealthy amounts of time in front of electronic devices without exercise.


The Kinder Gardens initiative is a holistic new approach to youth development which focuses on cultivating healthy plants and healthy people simultaneously


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Our Philosophy

Throughout all of human history, human beings have maintained a close relationship with the natural world. We planted and harvested within the natural cycles - plants and man were connected. As time went on, however, dramatic shifts in our world along with technological advances has taken us further and further away from nature. We once had a special relationship to the earth and soil, but now sedentary lifestyles has come with a cost to our collective health and well-being.

As a result, in many urban communities throughout America and around the world, we find alarming rates of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other preventable illnesses. On a psychological level stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions are rapidly increasing as well. There is no great mystery surrounding the set of causes which have shaped this situation, lack of access to nutritious foods and scarcity in resources has been a major reason for this dis-heartening dilemma.

With this in mind Youth Aiding Humanity has taken action, and is proud to present the Kinder Gardens Academy!

Program Overview 

At its core, Kinder Gardens Academy is a training program designed to empower young people and their families with the ability to start and maximize the benefits of their own urban gardening projects. We also offer a variety of community outreach events and social experiences for the growing community of supporters who share our passion for holistic living and youth empowerment. ​ We host events in our local community garden every weekend which are open to the public and also provide exclusive international learning opportunities and benefits for our Members.

Gardening Classes

We only have 16 seats available for our weekly educational workshops and interactive learning experiences held every Sunday at our training center in College Park, GA.  Seats fill up quickly, so order now!

Student Membership: 
$100 for 10-Week Course

Come-Unity Events

We host a variety of social gatherings and movie nights every Saturday to interact with and grow our community.


Check the schedule to see what's next!

Community Membership:
$20 per month

Guest Donations:
$7 per event 



Field Trips
& Camping

Monthly social events and learning experiences hosted in various locations in Georgia!

Overnight Camping:
$50 for Guests/Visitors
$25 for  Program Members

Field Trips:
$7 per ticket for guests (Free for Members)

(All participants MUST register in advance)



There simply is no substitute for hands-on experience when it comes to learning a new skill or building upon an old one.


All of our official members are invited to participate in volunteer days on the farm and in the garden as we continue cultivating this healthy new world




We have partnered Restoration Village Farms in Ghana, West Africa to develop a unique cultural exchange program for our official student members here in the USA.  This platform will enable the youth to learn from and correspond with their peers in the Motherland as we plant the seeds of a brighter future for us all.



Growing Tomato Plants

Summer Semester Coming Soon! 

Kinder Gardens Academy

College Park, GA



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