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The Seeds Of Our Future Are
Buried Deep In Our Past



The African Heritage Program integrates art, music, and education into a multifaceted series of youth-oriented classes, workshops, and social experiences. Our mission is to strengthen the empower students with a variety of educational opportunities that are rooted in the cultural and artistic heritage of the African diaspora. Our student members examine historical and contemporary themes pertaining to our collective heritage and learn how to find practical ways to apply this knowledge in their quest for personal and collective fulfilment. 

What We Offer

 What We Offer 

Hebrew Prayer Books
Camel and Pyramids
Marrakesh Market
Traditional Indian Drums
Coded Wisdom
A Young Woman Reading a Book

"Not to know is bad,
not to wish to know is worse"

African Proverb


The African/Edenic Heritage Museum


The African/Edenic Heritage Museum was established in 1994 as an international platform for education regarding the history of people of African descent.

The original free-standing exhibition features over 350 documented references along with over 200 maps, illustrations, and original color photographs, all displayed on over 500 square feet of panels. Our curriculum offers students and guests an opportunity to gain new and exciting insights into African history, culture, and philosophy.

As an international program with 5 duplicate exhibits worldwide, the African/Edenic Heritage Museum has been featured at dozens of universities, churches, community centers and conferences across the United States, Caribbean Islands, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.


As part of our African Heritage Program, we will be guiding our student members through tours of the African/Edenic Heritage Museum on a monthly basis in 2022. We are also making this service available for schools, families, student groups, religious institutions, and others who wish to participate in this extraordinary educational experience. 

Ancient Architecture

"Culture is coded wisdom"
- Wangari Maathai

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The African Heritage Program offers a weekly study group, monthly museum tours, volunteer opportunities, international travels, and the option to book special exhibits and presentations for your group!! Fill out the form below to let us know what you are interested in and we will be reaching back out to you soon!

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Those who do not learn from history
are bound to repeat its mistakes

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