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Y.A.H. Reaches Across Borders

Into The Hearts Of Those In Need


Since 2001, Youth Aiding Humanity's staff members and supporters has developed a strong web of relationships with hundreds of leaders in business, government, education and the nonprofit sector. The purpose of this vast network is to promote and expand our vision of restoration and empowerment for young people in Africa and the diaspora. Many professionals within our network specialize in providing technical assistance, training and consultancy in essential areas of human development and capacity building such as health/wellness, sustainable organic agri-science solutions, rural development, environmental maintenance and other related fields.

Over the years, our international network has been instrumental in contributing to many projects that have greatly benefited the people of Africa. In the West African country of Ghana alone, the YAH family has impacted society in a number of ways:

Supporting a joint medical and dental delegation to Ghana providing free treatment and services in both rural and urban areas.

Supported the digging of water wells in the Volta region.

Assisted in the training in organic farming and milling techniques in partnership with the establishment of rice and flour mills in the Volta region.

Nutritional seminars on benefits of soya and designing of school feeding programs and training in soya bean cultivation in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Implementing the Regenerative Health and Nutrition Program in Ghana in conjunction with the Ghanaian Ministry of Health.

Provided fundraising and administrative support for the development for the Restoration Village, a training platform for Ghanaian youth in organic agriculture & social entrepreneurship 

Developed Prince-El International School in Accra, Ghana to help develop a new generation of global African leaders


We look forward to  we look forward to strengthening our impact in the countries which we have already touched while expanding our influence into others as well. 



Farming Leafy Greens


"Only by giving are you able to         receive more than you already have.”

- Jim Rohn

Our international initiatives are very dear to us. We take everything that we do serious and each endeavor is initiated with sincerity and love.  It is because we truly believe in the restoration of the human family we pursue success for each project with vigor and clear intent.  From initiatives to provide clean water, proper education, organic food or clothing for underprivileged children and their families we invest all resources at our disposal to make sure what is needed gets to those who need it most. It is with the humblest of spirit that we ask you to open your mind and heart and assist us with our international projects. Every bit of support is greatly appreciated, from food or clothing donations to financial contributions. You too can do your part help Y.A.H. reach across boarders into the hearts of those in need.

Girl Peeking Over Basket

“Remember that the happiest people are

not those getting more, but those giving more.”

- Robin Sharma

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