The Wonderful Gifts Of An Edenic Woman
Are Found Within Her Virtue

The Edenic
Woman Program

Programs Vision: To be implemented in Middle Schools and Highs Nationally and Internationally in the short term and in the long term to have a day school that young girls attend as apart of their womanhood initiation that prepares them motherhood, wife-hood and the creation passion and purpose driven business.


Mission Statement:  Our Mission is to equip young women with the culturally relevant wisdom, life-skills, traditional values and principles for womanhood.


Program Goals: Girls will complete the program equipped with skills from six tiers that will allow them to become self sufficient, teach them how to properly care themselves and their families at the highest level, develop business squatted and become fiscally responsible. Our girls will also understanding how to occupy and navigate higher social realms.

The Edenic Woman Program was inspired by the current dedicate social reality of Black American girls and women. There is not only a serious need for strong servant leadership, guidance, and quality role models in black community, there is a call for the transformative and life giving wisdom, values and fundamentals of feminine energy (womanhood). Without this critical element, black women will continue to lack the developmental ability to co-create well-balanced relationships, supported, healthy and fully functioning children/families.


The current reality deprives many young women of the ability to share their unique and much needed gifts with the world. The Edenic Woman Program aims to answer that call. It provides quality, caring, modest and culturally enriched role models and functional wisdom and applications for life not provided to young girls in any other capacity. Young Black girls are one of the most under-served population and also one of the greatest populations in need of such resources.

It is said that a nation can rise no higher than it’s women, therefore, the cultural, social and inter personal development of women is crucial to remedying the plight of black families. Preparing young women to be successful in their roles will benefit the African American community as a whole.

Strength And Wisdom

In Our Sisterhood

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