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Dream Mapping Youth

To Success

The Dream Mapping Academy   

Teaching Methodologies


The Dream Mapping curriculum takes on a student-centered learning approach. Some of the specific learning methods that this curriculum employs are discussion-based, delegated, differentiated, and facilitated learning processes. It also incorporates demonstrative instruction, journaling and role playing. The Dream Mapping curriculum has an inherent philosophy that the best learning process for students should include time for reflection, sharing ideas and individual exploration.


Therefore, throughout this curriculum, students also develop skills and knowledge from other 21st Century Learning areas. Among the specific skills and knowledge to be developed within each area, some of the main ones that are explored throughout the Dream Mapping curriculum include flexibility, initiative, self-direction, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and information, media and ICT literacy.

Our Dream Mapping curriculum is most heavily aligned with the fourth component of the framework, “Life and Career Skills”, as the major learning outcome of this course is to help students create an individualized career plan with clearly defined practical steps of execution. Additionally, a secondary outcome of this project is to produce self-motivated, accountable, critical thinkers that know how to make informed decisions, problem solve and effectively communicate and collaborate with others. 

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