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"To Everything

There Is A Season, 

And A Time To Every

Purpose Under Heaven."

  Our Seasonal Programs    

Youth Aiding Humanity has a unique approach towards youth development. With an inspiring and structured approach, Youth Aiding Humanity implements four key areas of inner-personal development into our annual programs, servicing hundreds young student members all across the nation. These programs are tried and proven and have long-reaching roots in culturally relevant processes. Through these programs Y.A.H. addresses many issues confronting the under-privileged community granting many young "at-risk" youth the opportunity to have access to a higher realm of social endeavor.    

Health & Wellness 

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Spring Program

Each Spring we will host our Health & Wellness Program. This seasonal session will focus on educating our members on what we term The Seven Sacred Pillars to health and wellness. These seven pillars (getting enough sunlight, clean water, fresh air, plenty of rest, eating more of a plant based diet, engage in challenging mental physical exercise and maintaining positive, productive relationships) will be shared in several interactive platforms during our weekly sessions through creative and engaging presentations.  



Summer Program

The Summers will be designated primarily for our youth ages 10-14. This seasonal session will focus on cultural enrichment programs that will ensure that whenever students are not in a class setting they will have access to a wide range of opportunities available to immerse themselves in local life and culture. By participating in museum tours, theater performances, gallery exhibitions, concerts and movie-nights students will have multiple options to satisfy their creative, intellectual and ambitious exposure to cultural diversity. The Y.A.H. team will transform the program sites into "imaginative laboratories" in which students can actively and safely engage with their surroundings. Cultural enrichment is the idea that art and free expression can benefit a community by exposing them to new ideas. We will expose our young members to fun interactive cultural, games, presentations and explorations through field-trips and a themed four week summer camp held on weekdays and culminate with a national summer trip. 


Fall Program

In the fall our focus will be on Leadership development. By hosting a leadership speakers series we will coach and train our members in the art of Servant Leadership. This session will be tailored with three internal team-building projects that they will have to complete by the end of the session to ensure their understanding and competency of the subject. The members will thereafter be given various leadership responsibilities within the organization at their various grade/age levels. This will empower them to practice and demonstrate what they have learned in an controlled and fostering environment.  


Winter Program

The Winter season will be allocated for our entrepreneurial program. All members will receive an introduction to and understanding of basic business development. Each student will be taught how to write a basic business plan and undergo foundational training. We will explore credit, how to handle money and host business events and encourage partnership, investment and sales strategies among the students. We shall select several of our top academic members to guide them into a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and will award a small, but substantial, business grant to our top members. During our winter session we will also host our annual awards & fundraiser gala.

"Heaven is in the purity 
of the child" - Unknown 

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