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Gifting The World With Love


Each year Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. endeavors to serve hundreds of "at-risk" youth between the ages of eight to eighteen with programs focused on inter-personal growth and development. Annually we provide seasonal programs to engage under-served middle and high school students in long-term mentor based relationships. Our process is simple yet thorough, our student members sign up for the year and matriculate through each seasonal session ending with a formal Rites of Passage gala. 

Each program is founded on a curriculum that integrates experiential learning, financial literacy, character development, cultural enrichment, community service, wellness awareness, servant leadership training and social justice advocacy. Through each of our programs, Y.A.H. participants are encouraged to transform themselves and those they serve by using our four core values of personal empowerment, life discipline, integrity and servant leadership.


Youth Aiding Humanity was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2002 as a mentor-ship program in partnership with the Chicago based non-profit organization Support-A-Child International. Initially, Youth Aiding Humanity focused on addressing the social, academic and communal needs of minority high school students ages 14-18.

By the spring of 2002, Youth Aiding Humanity had grown to serve hundreds of student members in more than ten high schools throughout the city. This redemptive organization focused on conflict resolution, recreational and cultural awareness programs. Y.A.H. was also the catalyst for the development of two additional programs implemented by the Orleans Parish School Board.

Following the aftermath and city-wide devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, our team was relocated to Florida and forced to rebuild. In response to the demand from colleagues and college students, the organization was then modified to serve and focus on outreach initiatives in partnership with several Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College and Florida A&M University student organizations. This included the Student Alliance for Cultural Development, Vegetarian Student Alliance, SISTUHS, Sankofa, Tallahassee Africa Sister City Coalition and several others. 


During this season, Youth Aiding Humanity's team guided several outreach and cultural development trips throughout Africa. While there, staff and students participated in and assisted with many developmental projects such as water drilling and agriculture in Kenya, cultural research excursions to South Africa and teaching nutrition to several villages in Ghana through the Regenerative Health Initiative.

Today Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. is headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, and have revived our approach, we have restructured our organization to meet the current needs of the communities we serve. We have been reborn with refined programs, an energetic staff, and are collaborating with several national and international partners, ready to engage the challenges of this season. 


We welcome you to please take sometime and review what we have to offer our community and support us. Remember, the sacred seeds of today produce the fruits of tomorrow!




The Y.A.H. vision is one that reflects our four core principals of Integrity, Empowerment, Discipline and Servant Leadership. Today's youth are the Sacred Seeds of the future and they must be nurtured and cultivated to become innovative and progressive servant leaders of tomorrow. As we assess and evaluate where we are in the world today, we can conclude that we can greatly benefit from tapping into the vast creative potential within the minds and hearts of today's youth. The Y.A.H. family aims to establish programs that are strategically designed to effectively cultivate these young minds and provide the necessary platform for them to properly grow and develop with a vision to fashion a truly better world.  



Our mission is to foster well-ordered, disciplined and inspiring environments where young minds can develop and create. By annually hosting some of the greatest minds in four areas of development (Health, Culture, Leadership and Entrepreneurship), our organization sets out daily to properly equip its young members with the tools needed to becoming new world leaders and builders of vital institutions for a better world. It is our goal to successfully train and prepare one thousand young men and women annually through our core programs.

Love Is All We Need!


Personal Empowerment | Life Discipline | Integrity | Servant Leadership

Our core values are not just principals we teach to our young members but keys we, as staff, also apply to our internal method of engagement and community service. Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. is built on these four principals, and, are very keen on internalizing their manifestation in all we set out to accomplish. These four pillars are the foundation of our organization and purpose. 


Often people tend to equate the concept of "personal empowerment" with a subjective emotion - the feeling of being empowered. Yet personal empowerment, by its very definition, is not something one feels but rather something one demonstrates. To be empowered is to have actual influence within any of the many spheres of our lives. This is the exhibition of the ability to enact a command of what is necessary to perform and accomplish a goal.


At the heart of any successful person, is self-discipline. Whether it’s success in their personal lives or their professional lives. It all starts with an inherent ability for self-control through discipline. We teach our young members that thoughts, emotions and behaviors will create habits. They learn that if they are to achieve life goals, they must understanding how to discipline themselves.


As we consider the broader topic of transformative "Servant Leadership," it is only appropriate to start with defining and applying the core concept of integrity, which is about the fullness of the whole self. Integrity works hand in hand with Self-Discipline and requires a spiritual and transformative journey. Integrity is the quality of being honest, sincere and having strong moral principles. Our Student members and staff are encouraged to embody this trait in all we do.   


Servant Leadership can be most likely associated with a participating and inclusive leadership style. The antiquated authoritarian leadership style does not correspond to what is needed today. The highest priority of a servant leader is to encourage, support and enable those they lead to find their place and power, helping them to unfold their full potential and abilities. This leads to an obligation to delegate responsibility and engage in participating decision-making. The servant leadership approach goes beyond employee-related behavior and calls for a rethinking of the hierarchical relationship between leader and subordinate.

Today's Seed is Tomorrow's Fruit

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