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Cultivating the Next Generation

Bridging the gap between Africa and the diaspora to build a better world together


To effectively train and mobilize African American youth in the global healthcare, education, and agricultural sectors.


At our international NGO, we believe in the power of young leaders to make a difference in the world. We are committed to empowering the next generation of global changemakers, giving them the tools and resources they need to create positive change both in their local communities and abroad. We recognize that the challenges we face today are global in nature, and that meaningful solutions will require collaboration and cooperation across borders and cultures. By working together with our colleagues overseas in Africa and beyond, we believe that we can build a better world than the one we inherited and leave a lasting legacy for future generations to follow. Join us in our mission to create a brighter future for all!

Our Three Pillars

1) Health: Our first pillar emphasizes the pursuit of personal, social, and environmental balance, in accordance with the principles that sustain life. We reject the destructive values and ambitions promoted by contemporary society, and instead focus on holistic well-being.

2) Wealth: The second pillar involves cultivating the wisdom and skills needed to generate, manage, utilize, and distribute vital resources in a way that benefits both the individual and the collective. We believe that a responsible approach to wealth is essential for achieving long-term sustainability and shared prosperity.

3) Knowledge of Self: Our third pillar emphasizes the importance of intellectual exploration and self-reflection. By examining the psychological, cultural, and historical forces that have shaped our identities, we can generate effective plans for personal growth and development. We believe that this knowledge of self is a crucial foundation for success in all areas of life.



For over twenty years, Youth Aiding Humanity's team of advisors, specialists and educators and engaged in several outreach and cultural development trips throughout Africa and the United States. We have participated in and assisted with many developmental projects, such as water drilling and agriculture in Kenya, cultural research excursions to South Africa, launching nationwide health promotion campaigns in partnership with the Ghanaian government through our Regenerative Health and Wellness Program, and more! Recently, we have led trips to Israel, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, and Belize, while also working with a number of youth organizations within Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and facilitating several international webconferences. We are currently preparing for another season of growth and expansion and would love to gain your support as we move forward!

2002: New Orleans, Louisianna

Youth Aiding Humanity was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2002 as a mentorship program in partnership with a global NGO named Support-A-Child International. Initially, Youth Aiding Humanity focused on addressing the social, academic and communal needs of minority high school students ages 14-18. By the spring of 2002, Youth Aiding Humanity had grown to serve hundreds of student members in more than ten high schools throughout the city. This redemptive organization focused on conflict resolution and provided recreational and cultural awareness programs. Y.A.H. was also the catalyst for the development of two additional programs implemented by the New Orleans Parish School Board.

2005: Tallahassee, Florida

Following the aftermath and city-wide devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, our team was relocated to Florida and forced to rebuild. In response to the demand from colleagues and college students, the organization was then modified to serve and focus on outreach initiatives in partnership with several Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College and Florida A&M University student organizations. This included the Student Alliance for Cultural Development, Vegetarian Student Alliance, SISTUHS, Sankofa, Tallahassee Africa Sister City Coalition and several others. 

2019: Atlanta, Georgia
In 2019, Youth Aiding Humanity was rebranded and relaunched with a new chapter in Atlanta. Over the past four years, we have impacted the lives of hundreds of young people throughout Metro Atlanta through our flagship program, Kinder Gardens Academy. This program focused in providing young people with hands-on training in sustainable agriculture, healthy lifestyles, and entrepreneurship. O
ur team has launched a variety of successful educational workshops at Morehoue College, Clark Atlanta University, the Legacy Center, the YMCA,  Boys and Girls Club and more.

Furthermore, in our efforts to serve on an international level, we have presented and participated in events hosted by the African Union, African Diaspora Development Institute, African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes,  Institute for Regenerative Truth, Liberated Minds Educational Institute, African Summit on Entrepreneurship & Innovation, HABESHA and more.

2023: Ghana, West Africa
Over the years, we have formed an incredible network of talented young people across who are committed to building a better world. As an organization that is based in the African diaspora, we have been contacted by several progressive enterprises on the African continent that are interested in further collaboration and support. In response to their requests more hands-on support from our specialists and volunteers, we have decided to restructure our organization and focus our attention on international development.

Our new Global Impact Program is focused on recruiting, training and mobilizing teams of African American volunteers who are interested in doing development work in Africa. We have entered into partnership with a local school, organic agricultural training center and hospital/health clinic, each of which are interested in helping us train and receive volunteers  in the West African country of Ghana. Our new training program will begin in September of this year and extend until May, 2024. Afterwards, in July, we will lead a group trip to Ghana to work with our colleagues in Africa in our collaborative effort to help build a better world. For more information on the Global Impact Program, click the link below.


Today's Seed is Tomorrow's Fruit

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