Each year Youth Aiding Humanity Inc. endeavors to serve thousands of "at-risk" youth between the ages of eight to eighteen with programs focused on inter-personal growth and development. Annually we provide seasonal programs to engage under-served middle and high school students in long-term mentor based relationships.


Our process is simple yet thorough, our student members sign up for the year and matriculate through programs that are founded on a curriculum that integrates experiential learning, financial literacy, cultural enrichment, community service, wellness awareness, servant leadership training and social justice advocacy.


Through each of our programs, Y.A.H. participants are encouraged to transform themselves and those they serve by using our four core values of personal empowerment, life discipline, integrity and servant leadership.

Our team would like to thank you for your visit. As a supporter, volunteer, member or as a friend we welcome you to our Y.A.H. family!

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